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Dec 30 '13

Party Time pt VI

..oldest Ciaren’s friends are aman neighbors though! So there can be no party without aman. Eorichus the priest (did you noticed that some of aman robes miss pants?..) and lovely lancer Morague (who still is sure that Ciaren is a girl and that she never met any male elves) are coming.

Also, the young guildmaster Altrei is here, too :3 God, we need to lvl up him on NA, he’s so handsome!..

  1. pomponius said: ah, this is so lovely, my friend! <3 невероятно приятно попасть в вашу чудесную историю ^__^ надеюсь, милые элинки готовят в эпических масштабах, а то Эорих знатно проголодался, постиравая штанцы ; )
  2. dilftastic said: THIS AMAN LADY IS SO ADORABLE FUCK
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