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Arts for the World Domination!
Also Bunny Worlds: a place to store love for bunnies
And a Big Royal Closet: a place to store royal clothes
Oct 11 '14



My every morning. My every day. T_T

Oct 6 '14



ED BRUBEKER for all he’s worth! His approach to the script turned this comic into a 4 volumed equivalent of the Wire series. The plot, the story, the heroes are all brilliantly written and very expressively drawn. All artists that took part in a project tried to keep same style that takes time to get loved, but once you get into the story, it all comes perfect together.

Miminimum of colors, minimum distractions, minimum Batman,  maximum reality. Definitely on a list.

Oct 5 '14

bla bla bla bla

oh, BTW, the only reason we use RU BnS is just because there is no english version, and chinese is kinda far too unknown. Russian game management is as dull as it is in the Europe. So as soon as there will be any english server, we’ll be glad to meet there :3 We’ll make women with oiled shiny skin and will dance and chat and never leave the noob locations)

We tried out the main part of the Black Desert online - the character creator - when it was available. It did not excite us much >_> but well, who knows! maybe the gloriousness of the game will make me change opinion)

Meanwhile rykari must write and nipuni must draw and Ras has to write code and you all have to be a sweeties as you are.

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Oct 5 '14

And then there is 


but somehow the chemistry does not happen >_>

We miss you too, rykari! And nipuni and everyone :(

Oct 5 '14

You’ll be Fine

Team black eyed peas twins!

Oct 5 '14

How to play BnS and not to sсrew up:

just don’t go to the dungeons, put on similar clothes and have fun.

Oct 5 '14

We are sitting home dull and unproductive, while a russian comiccon is going on out there >_> 

I don’t feel a thing for upcoming TERA RUserver start, but you have to admit: BODYART armor is a PROPER CASTANIC ARMOR! Once in eternity i feel proud for my country. And because of that adorable popori cospleer!

More photos here.

Oct 5 '14

Night sky for the comic i struggle with

Oct 4 '14

Blackberries and Champagne

This one is still dull, but i like it more.

Blackberries and Champagne

This one is still dull, but i like it more.

Oct 4 '14

Palette 30

Cannot get back in a proper drawing pace( 

Np bunnyprinces this time, it’s B, W, blackberries, champagne and a futile attempt of coloring a bw layer method. Because its b&w, and i just needed to try a b&w method. Ok. Failed. Gone. x_x

Sep 28 '14

…this pain when you can only draw hands.

And like buns.

Sep 28 '14

Palette 31

Aaaah, i am uncreative and tired and stressed and so on lately; the tmblr is on a slight hiatus as some of you may have noticed. The superhero comics posts were queued some time ago to keep the blog a bit alive, but i have to catch up at least with the color palette challenge just as a discipline lesson x_x The palette actually reminded me about 2014 Elektra comic *_* I need to make a post about it))

Sep 26 '14

Aquaman of New 52

Ok, I finally remembered that if you actually like batman you have to be true to DC, so I went straight to new 52 and one of the first titles in an enormous folder appeared to be the Aquaman. Alphabet is a great rule, u know, when you are lost in names)

New Aquaman is a badass cutie that actually spends most of the panels in that tight shiny ringmail or just topless. Great six pack of those atlanteans i have to tell you. Also, major part of the scenes take place underwater, so the overall palette is very dull and cold and dimmed pleasant. This all gives it the line in an endless list of comics i like.

You can catch a glimpce of Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman a couple of times when Aquaman’s troubles get really big. Or they come to make his inside affairs troubles really big.

Also also also there is that background character of the Others called War Prisoner and he’s really cool. I hope they’ll give him a solo series, because he’s angsty and supernatural like Moon Knight, you know. *_*

On the first picture i inserted the namesof  both teams I liked. Ivan Reis is especially cool *_* There is a Super Bunny on his FB page) Not like the plot is somewhat amazing, but at least it does not distract from Aquaman’s torso)

Sep 25 '14

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March

…comics artists definitely love Bucky Barnes.

This is a short comic, telling us how younger but already one-eyed Nick and his colleague Ran meet Winter Soldier while they try to save two scientists from Hydra.

Then there is that strange and cool and maniac-obsessive or maybe just compulsive villian.

Winter Soldier is being himself, then being Bucky for a short time before he’s totally brainwashed. It’s sad(

Boschi's art is really strange, but powerful and grotesque in a way. Also he's name is ROLAND, you have to appreciate that)

Sep 24 '14

Moon Knight: Down South

Endless list of comics goes on!

MK2014 stroke me right in the heart - and I went back in time and tried to read the first issues. Then the first ones of first restart. Then second restart…. and so on and on until 2011, and even then the artwork was too naturalistic and at the same time unnaturally bloody and dark. The story was quite deep, but narrow, kinda… one-pointed.

And then there is this short arc called Down South written by Mike Benson - he did not write many comics and maybe that’s why he kept the approach a bit different) and drawn by brilliant Jefte Palo. Please go visit his minimalistic site and read the Golem Cuerda comic, it’s AMAZING both in art and the way of storytelling.

And the result of their collaboration is a comic that isn’t flat, isn’t monochrome both in color and mood and plot. After all that angsty bloody issues of MK2011 there are jokes from time to time and also really great background characters.

Also the Moon Knight’s CAPE! I love the simple style of it in Shalvey’s arc, but i It’s like a cloud over the moon, and it’s so cool :3